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Are you interested in becoming an partner of BirdBlocker? That’s of course what we like to see! We are happy to explain what we can do for you and how we can contribute to your distinctive proposition towards the customer!


Consumers expect an installer to provide technical support that ensures their investment continues to pay off for as long and worry-free as possible. Offering BirdBlocker will support you to meet these criteria. It is an easy cross-sale item with the consultation or even during the installation. Every consumer can easily understand what the advantages are in terms of safety, as well as that it is better to install preventively. It is logical and valuable advice for everyone that, if the installer is already working on the roof and has all fall protection in order, the cost of installing bird proofing is much more attractive.


BirdBlocker is the only system on the market that has been developed by a professional from the PV installation industry, for the professional installer! Because we know the insides of your trade, we made sure that the installation is quick, easy  and retains the warranty from the panel supplier. Every installer now knows that bird proofing should be part of a complete installation. You just need to find a supplier that operates on the same level as you and provides a professional, durable and hassle-free solution. We are happy to help you out, make your projects more complete and profitable.


We distinguish three client-types: Distributors, wholesale and partners.


In most countries we are the distributor. If you want to know about the situation in your country, feel free to be in touch with us. For installation companies, we offer our products to your local solar wholesaler and/or directly, at your convenience. Only our partners get access to our portal and webshop. If you would like to get direct access or would like us to get in touch with your trusted wholesale party, please contact us or sign up here.


BirdBlocker is the most efficient system on the market and is made to last for the lifetime of the panels. Where other systems are laborious and often lead to warranty/leniency questions, you can assume that BirdBlocker does not generate unnecessary extra rework and costs. It does, however, result in a satisfied customer and a valuable additional service on your part .


Leave your details using the form below. Our partner department will contact you as soon as possible.

Become a partner of BirdBlocker


Leave your details using the form below. Our partner department will contact you as soon as possible.

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